Visual Journal/Week H: Prismacolors on Kraft Paper

Alfia White, Prismacolors on Kraft Paper, Selective Color, Fall 10

AVSM 1100 Visual Media 1 | TSA Fall 12

Visual Journal Development: Drawing Exercises/ Homework/ Practice Skills/ Independent Study Week H: Prismacolors on Kraft Paper

Subject Built Form with Landscape

Method Using the three pages of 11” x 17” Kraft Paper given to you by your studio instructor, draw from observation using the viewfinder to lock down composition and resolve issues of proportion/scale. Use Sighting and Measuring techniques to find angles.

Objectives Sketching with color on a medium value background while addressing the following formal elements of drawing:

Sheet 1 Referencing your “Harmonious Color Scheme” collages, use Prismacolors to build and layer color.

Sheet 2 Consider the direction, scale, regularity, and irregularity of marks/strokes on the page. See “Describing Texture” handout on other side.

Sheet 3 Use selective color to provide a focal point to the drawing.

Page Layout You decide.

Time Allow 10,15, 20 minutes per drawing. No sketches under 5 minutes. Make a note of your time. Warm-up in your Visual Journals before moving to Kraft Paper.

Additional Research
Every previous handout, especially from “Tonal Range/ Creating Values + Light, Shade, Shadow,” Week F.
See “Describing Texture” by Francis D.K. Ching on other side.
Study very closely the examples hanging in 401.

Finished? Tape Kraft Paper sketches (one per page) in your Visual Journal. Label pages with Sheet # and “Independent Study, Week H: Prismacolors on Kraft Paper”

Due These pages will be reviewed at the end of the semester. In the spirit of independent study projects, you may work on it any time between now and then. Please remember: work done at the last minute shows.

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