Assignment: Tonal Value Study of Photographs from the Ezra Stoller Archive


October 31 (Pin-Up Welty and Crosby)


12″ x 18″ Drawing Paper

Vellum, Newsprint

On Artstor for 8.5” x 11” copy of archival photograph

Justified left, under the left corner of the drawing,
one single line.


  1. Research attached list; print 8.5” x 11”.
  2. Cut a viewing device 5” x 7”.
  3. Using the viewing device, find your composition within the archival photograph.
  4. Mark it; grid it off in 1/2” squares.
  5. On your drawing paper, center a 10” x 14” bounding box where the drawing will go, allowing for equal borders on the left and right sides; the top and bottom. Grid it with 1” squares.
  6. Using the grid method to enlarge, lightly pencil with an implied line, the image onto the page. Lightly erase grid.
  7. Add the Zone of Tone. Pick the part of the photograph that has the most tonal range. See possible variations of zones on the other side.


Avoid adding tone with “coloring”, instead achieve tonal variation with lines, hatching, cross hatching, etc as described in the handout:
Do not get too dark too fast; you can always add value/tonal range but it is harder to erase darker values.
Pin-up drawing; walk away. Look at it from 4 to 6 paces back. Ask a friend. How does the drawing “read”?
You might need to “exaggerate” highlights and shadows.
Study the examples on the teaching wall in 401.
Avail yourself to all of the extra documents for this assignment on Blackboard.

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