TETRA PAK, North American Headquarters, Vernon Hills, Illinois by Martin Wolf

204/ 1PM
All sections will meet in 204 at 1PM. Please come to class with your Visual Journals and Graphite Stick/Ebony Pencils. Charcoal. Whatever it is you want to sketch with that is not a pen. We will be sketching from the projected image.

A series of images will be projected as warm-up exercises. Please sign in, pick up a copy of the new assignment, and begin sketching. 

I will be introducing the new assignment.

Sections Crosby and Welty
Please turn in the assignment at the beginning of class to your studio instructor in 204.

These sections have Field Studies/ Site Visits from 2PM-5PM

These sections have a pin-up with alternating AVSM studio time.

Times for Architectural “Moments” x 4 in the fourth floor hallway
2p: Harmon
3p: Ashe
4p: Zarse

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