Assignment: Organic Form/Slow Contour

Student drawing, Detail
Paper Size: 12″ x 18″ (newsprint or other white drawing paper of your choice)
Border Size: No border
Media: Ebony pencil (or soft leaded pencil of your choice) and a really nice eraser
Wednesday, 10/10 at the beginning of class
Title Block
Lower left hand corner in vertical block all caps letters
1st line: Your first and last name
2nd line: Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, etc.
3rd line: Week D
4th line: Fall 2012
  • To achieve a command of line: to use it in a sensitive manner and to explore an expressive quality when appropriate.
  • Finished drawing looks like one entire line from start to finish.
  • Mindfulness towards composition; placement of drawing on the page.
  • Clean, incisive lines.
  • No shading.
  • The experience should be a slow moving line.
Criteria: Line Quality/ Line Character
  • Use of a thick, dark line (a baseline) to anchor the drawing to the page.
  • A thicker line with more weight creates the illusion of moving forward in space.
  • A thinner lighter line with less weight recedes in space.
  • An implied line is so light the eye completes the line. It is merely implied. A whisper.

Process/ Method

Forage for your organic form on campus or in Audubon Park.
Clean you desk. Some lite housekeeping is always a good thing.
Warm up with some gestures of your organic form.
Begin with light gestures, work out the composition of your drawing; be mindful of placement on the page.
Style your organic form. Remove leaves, etc. as you like.
Once you’ve got the gesture, draw over the forms, coaxing out the modified contour lines.


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