Assignment: Mapping Your Hometown In Two Parts (Collage)

Board Size: 10″ x 10″
Collage Size: 8″ x 8″
Border Size: 1″ all four sides

At the beginning of class on Wednesday, September 19
Please give them to your studio instructor who will give them to me

Begin with research. Sketch your hometown from memory or/and use Google maps as a tool.

The idea of a “hometown” is broadly interpreted here. It can be the place you lived before coming to Tulane, or where you spend summers, where you used to live, etc.

Identify four systems as discussed in class and render them in four materials.

Do a series of drawings and mock-ups on a smaller scale, say 4″ x 4″, using materials you are considering. Discuss your choices with your studio instructor. Remember, sometimes your first idea is not your best.

Collage Materials
Phone Books
Wax Paper
Aluminum Paper
Sand Paper
Paint Chips
Junk Mail
Candy Wrappers

Branding, Logos, Labels


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